Boycott the Iran Presidential Selection (Election) in Australia
The Islamic Republic of Iran is conducting a Presidential Selection on 19th of May 2017.
For 40 years these corrupt elections have been nothing more than an undemocratic exercise in entrenching and legitimising the existing theocratic regime. This has had significant and serious consequences for the Iranian people and the broader Persian Gulf region. 
The Iran Government has a strong record of serious human rights abuses, torture, execution and persecution of political dissidents, critics and religious and ethnic minorities. 
This boycott has been called to highlight the illegitimacy of the regime and the entire process by which the regime maintains it’s power. 
There are a number countries, such as Canada that have refused to allow this farcical election process to be conducted within their sovereign territories.
We call on the Australian Government to likewise refuse permission for this illegitimate electoral process to be conducted here. 
We further call on all local and State Governments agencies, organisations and mangers of venues within Australia to refuse the use of their venues for this Presidential Selection.
Additionally we are calling for peaceful protests outside all voting venues within Australia including the Iranian Embassy in Canberra. 
All people who support genuine democratic process should not enable or support farcical and rigged elections which serve only to legitimise a dictatorial theocratic regime. 
In addition to or as an alternative to protesting on the day, you could lobby the organisation in your state which is hiring a venue for the poll. 
Polling places for the election and the protests are 

The Salvation Army, 

70 Marion St, Unley 

SA 5061

(08) 8271 2839

BEMAC, Level 1

Queensland Multicultural Centre

102 Main St, Kangaroo Point

QLD 4169 

(07) 3391 4433

Victoria Park RSL

Fred Bell Parade, St James

WA 6102 

(08) 9361 8802 0432 201 440

Parra Villa Function Lounge

42 Campbell Street, Parramatta

NSW 2150

(02) 98939588 0412 071 277

Embassy of Iran

25 Culgoa Circuit, O’Malley

ACT 2606 

Manningham Civic Centre

687 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster

Victoria 3108 

(03) 9840 9333