It is so interesting to know who is leading next presidency in Iran .   He was the main speaker behalf of government in 2009 he called all the protestors cow and goat , 

3 days after big protest that runs by Greens leaders against the presidency election who are still in house prison and they have been band to get out of their own house for last 8 years . 

he become more famous since he band all concerts and call them forbidden in Khorean state where he is supreme leader representative. 

Current president Hassan Rohani also had same position about Friday, July 9, 1999 .  now Hassan Rohani is president of Islamic republic of Iran 

Ahmad Alamolhoda
Ahmad Alamolhoda

Ahmad Alamolhoda (also Alam Olhoda or Alam al-Hoda) (Persian: احمد علم الهدی‎‎) is an Iranian Shia Islamic cleric who has been described as “senior”[1] and “conservative”[2] and “hardline.”[3] His rank has been given both as Hojjatoleslam[4] and Ayatollah.[5] He is the Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad, Iran[4] and is also that city’s representative in the Iranian Assembly of Experts.[6]

Alamolhoda name appeared in the international media as a speaker at a December 30, 2009 rally held in favor of the Islamic regime, where he was quoted as calling opponents of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei In comments broadcast on Iranian state TV, Alamolhoda told demonstrators,
“Enemies of the leader, according to the Quran, belong to the party of Satan … Our war in the world is war against the opponents of the rule of the supreme leader.”[7]
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This is his pay slip just thought the official documens 23 478 000 Toman 

A labour get paid 1000 000 Toman 

Ebrahim Raisi is Ahmad Alamolhoda’s son in law 

He registered to run for presidency in Iran last week. But he is also one of candidates who is so powerful to become next supreme leader. Ahmad Alamolhoda made 52 people from Assembly of Experts (Majles e khobregain) to write behalf of Ebrahim Raisi to supreme leader. And supreme leader also mentioned that he is good to become president. By asking that you better register for presidential election