PHOTO: Nadia’s son Leonid. Adrian, Sandra, Valentina and Herman Oosterman and Vera who is Vasili’s daughter. Vasili (not shown) is Nadia’s other son.
Let me start with my wife Valentina’s side of her family. Valentina’s grand mother!

Nadia and husband Konstantin (Kostia) had 2 boys and a girl and lived in the USSR. Their eldest was Lubov (Luba), Valentina’s mother, then Vasili, and the 3rd was a boy (name not known) who starved to death due to Stalin’s terrible reign of terror. Many years later Nadia had another son, Leonid from a different father.
Konstantin was put into a prison farm for speaking out against communism. He escaped and Nadia was taken in his place. While Nadia was at the prison farm, Luba the eldest but only 12 years old had to look after her 2 brothers. They were all starving on the collective farm as the communists took all of their possessions including food. In summer in order to survive they worked from sunrise to sunset. Even most of the small items such as eggs, milk, chestnuts all had to be “donated” to the state.

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