Different phase of Australia dirty politic continues. $ 20.000 bribe to offshore detained asylum seekers to give up asylum.

What a dirty and inhumane politic and exercise of this government wanting to play around with the life of asylum seekers just to get away from this mess that it has created.

Both major parties are equally the part of problem and as a reflection of pressure in the community, blame one another. When it comes to so called border protection, both parties share the same value.

Offshore detained asylum seeker should not have been in there from the day first. Their legitimate right of seeking asylum was denied by the Australia government to exercise its hostility toward them.

The Australia’s government action of sending asylum seekers back and not processing them here in Australia is in accordance with international refugee regulation, in an obvious breach of the global agreement and must receive the opposition, but instead all the state across the world do conspire and turn the blind eye on the criminal activity carried by the Australia government

So, it’s crucial for us to take our fight to the international level while we are standing for the right of asylum seekers here in Australia.

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