The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea has announced that the Australian-run detention centre on Manus is going to close. The Australian government has to decide what to do with the men who have been imprisoned there. The team at Love Makes A Way thinks they should be brought to Australia to have their claims for refugee status assessed.


That’s where you come in.


Imagine if we made it easy for the government to bring people from Manus to Australia? Imagine if households around the country offered a bed, good meals and caring support for these blokes asking for our protection? Imagine if groups of neighbours, churches and community groups banded together to provide a safe place while their claims for asylum were assessed?


We think we can do it. Let’s offer to provide practical assistance, and make a public statement of welcome at the same time.


Here’s how it’s going to work. Using the registration form, we’ll create an accurate list of people willing to provide a home for people currently on Manus. The names will be delivered to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and his opposition counterpart Richard Marles. We’ll invite them to publicly accept the offer of assistance, then provide further contact information to the Immigration Department on request.


We want to offer good hospitality, so we’ve set some ‘minimum standards’. These people have been through a lot, so we want to make sure they are in an environment where they will feel safe, and have appropriate privacy. We’re only accepting offers that include a bed in a private bedroom, and where everyone in the household is supportive and welcoming. And if the Government agrees to take up the offer, all offers will be screened by professionals to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both hosts and people seeking asylum.