Press Release Tuesday 15 March 2016 Press ReleaseStop legitimizing the brutal Islamic Republic of Iran

Stop the deal with Iranian brutal government on refugee’s issue

Stop the deportation of Iranian asylum seekers

Iran’s foreign minister is visiting Australia during which he will meet up with his Australian counterpart and perhaps other Australian authorities to finish the unfinished deal with Australia government to deport as many as unknown Iranian asylum seekers whose applications as per Ms Bishop are rejected.

“One should ask Ms Bishop the foreign minister, as to why she has not disclosed so far the deal between Iran and Australia on refugee issue, we hate the high amount of hypocrisy and secrecy on this issue”, said nazeri the spokesperson for Worker Communist Party of Iran.

“Although that Ms Bishop likewise the former vice president of European Union Catherine Ashton wore veil(Islamic Hijab) and concealed all her sign of femininity during her vist to satisfy her Iranian counterpart, apparently she couldn’t satisfy Iran on the deal yet and Iran seeks more on the deal itself”, says Nazeri the cadre of the Worker Communist Party of Iran Australia branch.

“Other than the Australia’s inhuman and disgusting treatment and its hostility towards asylum seekers including Iranian here in Australia which has received criticism from cross the world, this deal of handing asylum seekers over to Iranian regime will bring more and more shame on Australia coalition government and must receive condemnation”, added Nazeri

Lobbing Islamic Republic to prepare deportation of asylum seekers is appalling, savage and an action of inhumanity. Apart from this, the proposed deal does well indicate that Australia government will withdraw its international obligation of accepting Iranian asylum seekers fleeing political persecution and severe social repression.

Being on the issue of refugees, “I rather to make a further comment that the Australia government blaming refugees to make concession to its own economic downturn, we are witnessing lots of cuts to social and welfare services here in Australia”, says Nazeri.

Likewise many other westernised countries, Australia singles out refugees and uses the deception of racism at the time of economic recession saying that refugees are part of problems of its own.

As far as concern to political relationship, one should ask Ms Bishop how she would lobby the government of hundred thousands of execution, of jailing its political opponents, of torture, the government of violating the rights of Iranian people and exerting social repression.

How would Ms Bishop lobby the same Iranian government, I stress the same government which the Australia government itself together with United states used to call it an axis of evil back in the closed past?

How will Ms Bishop sit around the same table and discuss the security issue with the Islamic Republic of Iran which is the mail source of instability an insecurity of the region. The facts are speaking themselves and are undeniable.

The terrible treatment of the brutal Islamic regime towards workers, teachers, women and children in Iran is obvious to everybody except Julie Bishop and her government, from the looking of it. Challenging one of, 950 executions in 2015 alone according to United Nation’s human rights reporter, Ahmad Shahid.

“Its shame that Australia government ignores the social and political repression as well as the persecution, arrest, torture and execution of the opponents of Islamic Republic, none of these issues nighter were taken to the heads of Islamic Republic of Iran by Ms Bishop during her last April’s visit to Iran nor will be taken here during Zarif’s visit to Australia ”, said Nazeri the cadre of the WCPI

My gathering is, Nazeri added, this is a case of two states of Australia and Iran play a very dirty and disgusting politic to serve their own interests.

“We call for an immediate stop of any deal with Islamic regime of Iran to deport asylum seekers, a sympathetic assessment, prompt processing of and acceptance the applications of asylum seekers and allow them to resettle here in Australia, and stop political tie with the most brutal Islamic Republic of Iran”, says Nazeri.

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