In a significant development the Andrews Labor government in Victoria has written to Prime Minister Turnbull offering to resettle all children and their families at risk of being sent back to Nauru. We welcome this development. Federal ALP opposition leader Bill Shorten should take note and abandon lockstep agreement with the Coalition’s cruelty to refugees.
If the Turnbull government rejects the offer we call on Daniel Andrews not to allow Victorian police or public servants to be used to facilitate removals to Nauru (or removals from Melbourne to Darwin in preparation for removal to Nauru).
We also call on the Andrews government to extend the offer to those without children, to the couples, single men and women who are equally at risk. People who have come to Australia from Nauru include people who have kidney and heart disease, burns, bullet wounds and other physical injuries suffered in their home countries, back injuries, cancer, or who have been the victims of assault, sexual assault and rape. They also include men from Manus Island who suffer from severe and ongoing injuries ,such as brain damage, caused by the attacks that killed Reza Barati in Feb 2014.
We call on the Andrews government to extent the offer to all asylum seekers and refugees currently on Nauru and Manus Island. 
We encourage everyone to attend the National Rallies to Stand for Sanctuary this Monday to keep up the pressure on the Turnbull government to Let Them Stay!, as a first step to closing Nauru and Manus for good.
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