Photo: The commissioner of the Nauru police force Mr,Richard Britten 

From Pamela Curr: 
It is now clear that a 23 year old girl suffered a vicious assault on Saturday afternoon/evening. She was out on day release from the Camp, visiting 3 refugee families in a house for lunch.
She left the house at around 4pm to return to the camp.
When she had not returned to the camp, security guards took her brother with them and looked for her in the community, asking other refugees at approximately 5.30pm where she was or if she had been seen.

When they approached they were told to go away that nothing was wrong. They asked why she was wrapped in a blanket and were told that her clothes were wet. One refugee who knew the girl well spoke to her. He said that she did not recognise him and that she was distressed and incoherent.
Refugees who went to the police station to ask after the girl were sent away.
Some time later the girl was taken back to OPC1 to the Medical area and her mother was allowed contact. Others report that she is covered in bruises. It is now confirmed that she was  assaulted.

At 2am the occupants of the house near to where the girl was found were questioned by police who were looking in the bushes for the girls clothing and personal effects. This confirmed earlier information that the girl was found without clothes and distressed.

This report came through to us in spite of the fact that Journalists are not allowed on Nauru(non-refundable $8000 cost to visa application) and now the Nauruan government has blocked Facebook and killed internet access. It is extraordinary that the response to finding a girl injured and distressed was to take her to the police station- not the hospital, not medical care but take her the local police lockup.
This young woman must be brought to Australia for care and support with her family. How many more women and children must be raped and abused on Nauru before our politicians acknowledge the unmitigated disaster this offshore  camp has become?