Refugee Action Coalition


Around 200 refugees staged a protest at Ijuw camp on Nauru, late
yesterday afternoon, Friday 24 April.

The refugees called for “Justice,” and “Freedom,” and “Cambodia – never, ever.”

The protest comes at the end of a week of frenzied efforts by the
Australian immigration department to find refugees and asylum seekers
who will agree to go to Cambodia.

“The chartered plane that was meant to take refugees from Nauru to
Cambodia seems to have been indefinetly postponed due to lack of
interest,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action

Despite massive bribes of up to $15,000 for those who agree to be
resettled in Cambodia, the Refugee Action Coalition can only confirm
one Iranian asylum seeker and one Rohingyan refugeewho have so far
agreed to to go to Cambodia.

The lack of interest is a massive embarrassment for Immigration
Minister, Peter Dutton and the Australian government.

For the last few days, refugees on the island have been getting random
phone calls from officials trying to sell the deal – so far, to no

Despite the Cambodian agreement supposedly only being available for
refugees, the Immigration Department has also approached asylum
seekers in the detention centre in an effort to get some interest in
being transferred to Cambodia.

“Not only is the government circulating false information about
conditions on Cambodia, there is a clear implication that the
Australian government is offering refugee status to asylum seekers who
have waiting 18 months for a refugee determination – as long as they
will go to Cambodia. It is exploitation of extremely vulnerable people
for their own corrupt political ends,” said Rintoul.

Meanwhile the conditions in the main refugee family camp have
deteriorated to crisis point. The camp, which has three pregnant women
and 13 children, has been without power and water for five days,
creating unhygienic and unsanitary conditions.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul mob 0417 275 713