“Could you imaging our feeling?

Some men and woman are working in Nauru detention centre that they have family and they should look after them. They should work hard for make better life for their family and themselves.

Yesterday I had chat with some of them some of them was very upset and when I see their photo that they have on their ID card I saw they lose too many weight, more than 10 to 15 kilograms. When I asked them WHY? They said missing family, some frustration, ETC (same as some of asylum seekers).

I want to send this message to their family and their relative,
“YOUR RELATIVE ARE WORKING IN NAURU DETENTION CENTRE TOO HARD FOR YOU, PLEASE HELP THEM AMN MAKE EASY THESE TIME FOR THEM (specifically: those children or women that their relatives work here) “(don’t make mental pressure for your relatives)

We also have family back in home and we can feel their modus.
They should work 12 or 10 hours in the day without rest.
We don’t want judge them and try not to give them bad words, because they should work for their family and if these make good money for them we are happy also.

They are living in same as ours, they can’t stand too much suspense to go back home and get join with their family.
They said: “doesn’t matter, we will go home after 2 or 3 or 4 weeks”

Voice of Nauru detention center
I want ask of my friend who are journalist to share it as much as they can.
By: M.V”