“Request for assistances

To humanitarians organization (human rights, Red Cross, amnesty International and all people) Some demands from seeking asylums in Nauru detention centre:

My name is Mahdi Vakili on of the asylum seekers in Nauru detention centre.
I have been studding about the international law and mechanical engineering; I hope to be a gratis lower and good mechanical engineer in the future.
I and some of the asylum seekers need some books for study about our favourite’s topic but those books are so expensive and we can’t buy them, and also we are in Nauru detention centre.

If it is possible for each organization to send us these books, it will motivate us and make our life enjoyable in the Nauru detention center.
I am writing to inform you about our request, because I feel you and your organizations are powerless to change our situation, so please help us.
More asylum seekers are living in harsh conditions in the world and we are same as them and we have to spend our time being productive because we are human, the same as others.

I hope this letter helps me and others in the Nauru detention center.
I hope all people help us to find peace and freedom in the world for living, and they make a response to our wish.
At last I am appreciative of the Salvation Army, they are doing the best at this time but they need more support from you.

Humanity must be thinking about the more important problems in the world such as:
Carbon emissions…
Food shortage…
I have aspiration (M.V)

Mahdi Vakili from Nauru detention center
نا تمام
صدای تیر ربوده از دهان کلامم را ستاره پرپر شد
نسیم از نفس افتاد
رنگ ماه پرید
دگر کجا ببرم حرف ناتمامم را
استاد مشیری

ما پناهجویان تحت هر شرایطی به دنبال پیشرفت هستیم