A note from ‘blogger 1’:

Here is a letter from David, a member of the community, to his local MP, and the response he received from the MP, Luke Simpkins. Please click on the links to read the pages – there are two pages from David to MP Simpkins, and two pages from MP Simpkins back to David.

Points raised by David pertaining to issues such as the conditions in Australian detention centres (high instances of depression and suicidal behavior in detention centres, allegations of gang-rape incidents, etc) the fact that many asylum seekers feel that they are not adequately informed of the processes and progress of their claims, the disregard for clear signs of distress such as hunger striking and rioting, the detention of children, etc, etc, do not seem to be clearly addressed by MP Luke Simpkins in his response.

It seems that Mr. Simpkin’s method of response is not one that attempts to address issues raised ‘point-by-point’.

I encourage anyone and everyone to write to their local MPs and other politicians about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers.