15/2/13: “Good news today from a detainee who was accepted as a refugee by the RRT (Refugee review tribunal) just 3 days after his interview this Tuesday. The RISE advocacy team has still more work to do since even after being accepted as a refugee, he continues to be detained indefinitely and is not receiving proper treatment for injuries sustained from Torture by security personnel in his country”

18/2/13: “More than 13 asylum seekers went on a hunger strike and 4 of them decided not to take any water…there was blood in one of the asylum seekers urine and the guards refused to send him to the medical services.

19/2/13: “…about 70 asylum seekers led a peaceful demonstration”

20/2/13: : “Today one of the asylum seekers climbed on the top of the partially completed accommodation building and tried to jump off about one the officers grabbed his legs and pulled him back form the edge then the Wilsons, guards lay the man down and put pressure on his neck also punched him. In an new action Nauru security services called sterling security tried to incite the asylum seekers for violence and vandalism. One of the Wilson guard pulled the chair out under one of the asylum seekers who sat near the other and threatened and intimidated him”

“My wife and I vowed that I would take care of our lives. I’m so sorry”