An update from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) facebook page:
Quick facts on Mandatory Detention: (1) Australia is the only country in the world with a policy of Mandatory Detention of all undocumented arrivals (2) Mandatory Detention causes mental illness with over 1,100 self – harm attempts in the last year (3) We have more children in detention right now (1500+) than under any other Australian Government in our history (4) Between 80% to 90% of asylum seekers in detention will be found to be Refugees (5) 224 days is the average time a person spends in detention (6) It costs 2.2 million to detain 1 asylum seeker on Nauru (7) The detention of children is a breach of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (8) Next year all asylum seekers released from detention will have no right to work for 5 years. This meets the legal definition of ‘persecution’ under Refugee Convention (9) 512 asylum seekers have been in detention for over 2 years (10) Money spent on Nauru & Manus Island could fund a National Disability Scheme for Australia in it’s entirety (11) Mandatory Detention doesn’t work. Costly. Ineffective. Harmful & Stops No One from getting on a boat to try and Save their Lives.