• Thursday, December 13, 2012
  • Where: Pitt St Mall (Market St end)
  • “As Christmas approaches, the number of asylum seekers incarcerated in both Australia’s detention centres and the re-opened offshore camps on Nauru and Manus Island are at record levels. Chris Bowen also seeks to impose his ‘no advantage’ cruelty on those ‘released’ into the community on bridging visas.

    The desperation of asylum seekers sent to Nauru is increasing. After Chris Bowen announced two weeks that some asylum seekers threatened with being sent to Nauru would be released from detention of bridging

    visas, their desperation increased. This has made it clear that it is completely arbitrary that they and not others have been sent to Nauru.

    As Amnesty’s fact-finding inspection of detention camps on Nauru highlighted, conditions are appalling, with 16 sleeping crammed into tents which get wet when it rains, causing skin diseases and other illnesses.

    Omid, a 35-year-old Iranian man, was taken to Australia after 50 days on hunger strike. After just over a week in Australia, he was returned to Nauru. The government has ignored the demands of the hunger strikers to be processed in Australia. Now, the Salvation Army has restricted internet access for Mahdi, who has been organising to get the word out about conditions on Nauru via Facebook.

    Come after work to join us to rally in the Pitt St mall to catch attention from Christmas shoppers. We plan to have visual displays about the hunger strikes on Nauru and the conditions there to help raise awareness and build pressure on the government to act to close Nauru and end the desperation of asylum seekers dumped there.

    When: from 5pm-6:30pm, Thursday 13 December
    Where: Pitt St Mall (Market St end)
    Speakers TBC”