Protest against Offshore Processing of refugees

Friday, December 7, 2012
5:00pm until 7:00pm
Facebook event page:

  • “* Let the Refugees come to Australia! * No hellish refugee camps in Nauru or Manus Island* Solidarity with protesters and Hungers Strikers at Nauru and Manus Island*

    PROTEST FRIDAY 7 DECEMBER, 5:00pm, RUNDLE MALL (Malls Balls). Mock detention centre. Bring placards, banners and loud voices!

    The first group of asylum seekers have been sent to Manus Island as part of the Australian government’s expansion of offshore processing alongside Nauru. The first group of 19, are family groups and have been escorted

    via riot police according to latest media reports.

    This while refugees languish on Nauru in tents that are too hot to stay in during the day. Refugees have been on hunger strike, and one asylum seeker remains on hunger strike. Omid has refused food for 41 days and was taken to hospital excreting blood before being returned to the camp where he told asylum seekers that he is waiting to die.

    Refugees are being denied the right to be resettled in Australia and under the government’s “no advantage” rule could languish in these islands for decades if they are to wait as long as UNHCR refugees wait in Indonesia.

    Join the Adelaide Refugee Action Group as we establish a temporary detention centre in the centre of adelaide – a protest against the horrific treatment of refugees by the Australian government. Lets show them that Offshore processing may be out of our sight, but its definitely not out of our minds.”