On Wednesday more than 300 asylum seekers signed a written complaint against the restriction of access to the internet by the Salvation army, who work on site at the Nauru detention camp. According to the new restrictions only one person is allowed to use the internet at a time – a friend may not help him to use it. Asylum seekers at Nauru are also not allowed to swap their allocated time slot for internet use. The “spare computers” have also been made unavailable for use.

The hunger strike also continues, with more than eight asylum seekers collapsing on Wednesday, with all of them refusing water. A total of 3 people had been shifted to Nauru hospital for treatment by Wednesday, though they are refusing medical treatment. More hunger strikers followed on Thursday, with more than 7 joining the hunger strike.

On Thursday the Nauru police also came to the detention centre to provide documents to people charged by DIAC for damage to the centre. “All asylum seekers who charged by DIAC didn’t sign any paper about that. They say we want lower”.