The asylum seekers at Nauru detention centre have still not heard news about the hunger striker Jamal, who was removed from the detention camp for medical treatment. “We asked several times about his health several times from stuff but till now we did not get any answer”. Jamal had been on hunger strike for at least 30 days.

The latest news received about Omid is that this kidneys are working again, but other things remain unclear – “I do not know if he is eating. I have not been allowed to visit but I have someone trying to visit him tomorrow. One person who could see him from the door thought that he looked all right – but he was not allowed to get close to him or visit“.

The asylum seekers at Nauru are also having their internet access restricted further. “Today Salvation Army told me that you cannot use internet more than 30 m each two day, nobody can’t allow swapping time with others. At before on the request of all asylum seekers, I was allowed to use internet two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. From tonight I will be not able to inform the peoples what happening here”.

The camp was also visited by MP Scott Morrison – “He answered to Sri Lanka; you don’t have any problem at your homeland you should go back. To Afghans and Pakistanis, he did not want to give answer. He told that I came here to facilitate you. To Iranian and Iraqis, I cannot change the policies of labors, if we (opposition) come in power then I will keep on this policies”.