“Omid Sorousheh, a Kurdish Iranian refugee unlawfully detained by the Australian government in the Nauru detention centre, has been on hunger strike for 53 days. Along with other brave hunger striking refugees he has been demanding that his asylum claim actually be processed, rather than remain in the abhorrent limbo the government calls the “no-advantage” policy. Nauruan refugees have reported that he is on the verge of death, with his body paralysed and significant internal bleeding.On November 30, despite repeated insistence that his pleas for processing of his case would not be heard, the Australian government took him to Australia for medical attention.

Omid has been detained in the Princess Alexandria hospital in Brisbane, and has been refused visits from his friends within the country.

It has been the Labor government’s insistence on “deterring” refugees which has lead to this hellish situation, where refugees risk death rather than face years in the hell of Nauru. Omid’s impending death is the logical consequence of the Australian government’s racist persecution of refugees.

Come to this protest and save Omid! Please come, raise attention to this utter barbarity which the Australian government has brought about, and SAVE OMID! REFUGEES ARE WELCOME!”