“All human, are thinking that doing a work is very easy, for example hunger strike including refusing water one of asylum seekers is on hunger strike from last 49 days. Immigration minister MR Chris Bowen is thinking that this is a very simple work. MR Bowen have you ever been on hunger strike? We hope answer will be no.

In the presence of food and water, it is very difficult to be on hunger strike for a long period and we know each part of our body need food and water. We are not eating and drinking we have demand, which compel us to do so i.e. justice and freedom.

The hunger strike suffered from many diseases I.e. heart problem, stomach, kidney problem etc. We are accepting all these painful movement and we are present to die instead of being live in Hell and bring treated like animals We have seen in many developed countries. They can’t bear their sick pet to be kept in their home. They are treating their pet on priority bases.
But sorry to say, here in Nauru asylum seekers on hunger strike, hurting themselves and attempting suicide. Instead of saving our lives. They are calm and just watching us.
If Australian government want, they can’t only save our lives but they can also give us freedom, as they are going to give to the rest of the asylum seekers who arrive to Australia by boat after 13th august.”
– Asylum seekers in Nauru 29/11/2012.