Yesterday there were two suicide attempts, one made by an asylum seeker in the custody of the Nauru police. The other man to attempt suicide was seen “crying and saying ‘why am I here? why'”. Five asylum seekers have been beaten by Wilson security. “They want to kill us”, “I cannot express what happening here”.

Today, 30/11/12: “Things are really bad over here. People have been separated and checked on regularly, threatened and sometimes roughed up/beaten. Some are self harming, others suicide, others yelling overnight in tents (nightmares/mental illness etc). It’s horrific. People are at their wits ends. Some are hallucinating. They also call in the police regularly for no apparent reason. My own behaviour is out of my own control now.They woke everyone up two night ago at 3am for a head count I have not been this humiliated in my life.The situation has to be seen to be believed. The police presence is to apparently stop further suicide attempts, yesterday someone hanged himself in the laundry, and chaos followed. 5 people have now been quarantined and they are not allowed to speak to anyone, they are not allowed to see anyone. We have no news whatsoever from Omid”.