Asylum Seekers Self Harm at Nauru (ABC) – For original, full text visit:

“TONY EASTLEY: The Australian Immigration Department has confirmed that asylum seekers on Nauru are harming themselves as a protest to their detention…up to 10 asylum seekers have begun cutting themselves in the past day and three more were doing so last night… Another asylum seeker is in the Nauru General Hospital on a hunger strike and his health is so poor AM has been told the Australian Government could be about to take over responsibility for his care.

MUHAMMAD: ..’til now no doctor, and he refuse to be treated… This is all because of the law that’s implemented by the Australian Government…it is okay for the law is same for all the asylum seekers. But they are treating asylum seekers in two ways. They are keeping us separate from those asylum seekers who are inside the detention centre of Australia going to release them and they are keeping us here. So this is the main cause of the, of the hurting, the asylum seeker of hurting themselves…. We are facing here mental torture so we are being killed mentally.

TOM NIGHTINGALE: …A man from Iran has been on a hunger strike for nearly 50 days and is lying in a hospital bed on the island. Refugee advocates in Australia have been saying repeatedly that he’s approaching death….A government source in Australia has told AM the Nauru government could transfer the man into the care of Australian authorities who would begin rehydrating and feeding him.”

Refugees Harm Selves on Nauru (SYDNEY MORNING HERALD) – for full, original text visit:

“TEN episodes of self-harm at the Nauru processing centre in 24 hours were a direct response to the government’s decision to release thousands of recently arrived asylum seekers into the community, according to Nauru detainees… ”Everyone is crying and saying, ‘Why am I here?”’ Other asylum seekers said they could not accept they were being treated differently to those whose claims were to be processed on the mainland, when they arrived at the same time, and even on the same boats. ”Why are other friends going to the city [to] take visa while we are here in this worst conditions?” one asked.

…Detainees on Nauru… could not understand why they were selected to go to Nauru. They also asserted that those hurting themselves were suffering depression after being confined to the Nauru centre.

Meanwhile, an asylum seeker who has been on a hunger strike for 48 days remained in the Nauru hospital. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told Labor MPs this week the man would not be transferred to Australia, saying he receiving the best care possible in the circumstances. A department spokesman said the 387 asylum seekers living in tents in the centre were receiving ”appropriate medical care”.

On Thursday morning, the Coalition failed in its bid to bring on a debate about temporary protection visas. Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison tried unsuccessfully to suspend parliamentary proceedings to debate his private members bill to reintroduce TPVs for asylum seekers. He argued it was crucial the issue be discussed before parliament rises for the year, noting that the imminent monsoon season across South-East Asia was ‘‘the most dangerous period of the year for people to travel on boats to Australia”. But the government moved a gag motion, ensuring the time for debate ran out.”