“1) Is Australia a member of UN and Human rights Commission or not?
2) Is policy made on 13th of august not same for all asylum seekers?
3) If objective of the law made on 13th august is to stop the people to come by boat. Why they keep coming? In three months 8000 peoples arrived.
4) Is this a way to sacrifice 400 people by keeping them in Hell to teach the others?
5) Why they have chosen 400 people among 7000 peoples for Nauru having very basic needs of life. What is our sin? Are we criminals?
6) If asylum seekers reached a country, after taking finger prints, medical and interviews from them. Is there any law for only 400 people among 7000 people s to shift them by force to third country without the presence of UN for unknown time.
7) Are you aware of the worst conditions of detention centre of Nauru? If someone die or became crazy in this worst condition, who will be responsible?
8) As we were told by DIAC before transferring that you are the lucky one and to be processed first. Now instead of being processed first. They have kept us out of sight out of mind. It means that the law is only for 400 peoples.”