“If this is a law it should be same for all asylum seekers.
We Iranian, Afghanis, Iraqis and Pakistanis asylum seekers being shifted by force from Australia to Nauru. We don’t want our process to be start here in Nauru according to Nauru law. We are asylum seekers of Australia. WE don’t know Nauru.
We want to take us back to Australia and start our process some other asylum seeker who arrived after 13th august are still in Australia and soon they will be released on bridging visas in Australian communities.

Why only 400 asylum seekers to be processed offshore among 8000 asylum seekers. Are we not same as other asylum seekers?
We don’t want to be processed in Nauru, we want to be treated the same as the rest of the asylum seeker are being treated.
We want to close the Nauru.
We want justice.
The conditions here are against humanity.
We have a hard copy of the same letter with the signatures of all asylum seekers.
Asylum seeker in Nauru Hell