“For what reason and for what uncommitted crime did you bring me to Nauru? May be because I was mentally and physically healthy or because of my positive attitude, or even maybe because I cooperated well both with officials and the other refugees?

What is the difference between me and the other people inside the Australia? Why they have given a bridge visa and I have to be imprisoned in Nauru for several years? We all came to Nauru with a same boat, so please give me a reason what the reason of discrimination even in Australia.

I want to be returned to Australia. I believed there shouldn’t be any difference between me and the other refugees inside the Australia. If you can’t return me or if you don’t want to accept my request, with all respect, I would leave you all. Just tell my mother that her son resisted enough against cruelty”
-From Amin, who is on his 5th day of a hunger strike.