“…Australia’s immigration detention centre there is unacceptable, the detainees are living in deplorable conditions”

Jeff Waters:

“They [the Amnesty team] were very very clear in their criticism of the camp itself… Almost 400 asylum seekers living in tents…some of the tents are wet inside…the asylum seekers are suffering skin rashes and irritations…overcrowding…concerns over the mental health…clearly upset because they don’t know what their future is, if they’re ever going to be assessed…There’s not enough by way of shower blocks and facilities. There’s not enough mental health facilities to look after these people…Detainees had shown him [the doctor] where they’d cut themselves… Someone tried to hang themselves… He [the doctor] was certainly not happy about the situation and has called on the Australian government to make improvements”

“…very small site not big enough for 400 people…”

“…men did not appear to be able to get legal representation. The Australian government doesn’t supply lawyers or defence lawyers and such in a foreign country for asylum seekers. They said they gave the asylum seekers access to telephones and computers to find a lawyer, but obviously they’re in Nauru… I couldn’t find a lawyer here very easily…there are only about two or three practicing lawyers on the Island…concerned with what will happen to them if they are found guilty [of damaging detention centre property], not just that they would face prison here in Nauru, at an appalling prison, but if they were deemed to be genuine refugees some time in the future that may leave a stain in their character and affect their ability to get jobs…or [affect] their ability to stay in Australia…”