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Unlawful court in Nauru. Today 14 asylum seekers who left their homelands to seek asylum in Australia face unlawful court of Nauru and still they are detained in Nauru detention center of Australia for unknown time.
Today at 9:40 am one van took 14 asylum seekers to Nauru court; on 16/11/201in a meeting held with DIAC told us that they will give us a lawyer. When we reached at the gate of the court, we asked for the lawyer in the presence of media and we told them that we will not get off from the van without the presence of lawyer. We were told that if you, if you will not get off the van then we will use the force. After half an hour one of the guy by the name of Tkaoxe came and told us that i am your lawyer. We asked him to prove himself that he is a genuine lawyer but he was not able to prove himself.

As we were told lie in Christmas Island, we can’t believe them more. We asked who has launched complaint against us, what is our sin. Without investigation they have given us only a piece of paper in which they mentioned that we have damaged the property of detention center.
At last we have shown respect to the court and we get off from the Van to face court.
The judge called us one by one and we did not understand who has launched complaint and what is our sin. For the next session of the court we were told that you have to present in the court.
We come to know that this is what only to hide their inhumanity of Nauru detention center and to show the media that asylum seekers have damaged the property. They want to make notorious the asylum seeker of Nauru. They want to cover their blunders.
One of the asylum seekers named Ali shown his broken rib and fracture leg caused by Wilson security guards, he asked where should i launch complain against this cruelty, at that movement police were trying to stop him from protesting.
Most of the asylum seekers are on hunger strike they were not feeling well instead of sending them to medical center, they were sent to court.
We don’t know in which way they are treating us, we aren’t criminals, we didn’t come to Nauru. Where is justice, where is humanity…………
Regard :Asylum seekers in Nauru