It’s always a man seeks for the happy life like peace, little freedom and a job to earn to live. From this point I start. Me and many friends in Nauru, we left our countries and cut thousands of kilometres of distance to get for new life and we thought it’s Australia to start that life.

Some people left their wife and children like me. Some who left their career, some left their studying future, some who left friends and some who left everything they had.

All that because of the bad circumstances in our country which it can be worse as getting threatened and killed.
As we know if life boxes someone in, they’ll figure out a new way for living. And we did take that boat which it lacks for the least safety, among the storms and waves which they were 3-4 metres or maybe more.
And we thought that after we get there we’ll start our new life. But instead of that we’ve got shocked by a new law that Australian government made which it says “Anyone who comes to Australia by boats after The 13th of August 2012 will be sent to Nauru”.
And here is the contrast, there are about 6000 refugees arrived between the 13th of August and the 1st of November 2012. And there are only 400 refugees in Nauru. Where are the rest!?
And now I’m reporting to the ones who concern. We need your help to defend our rights.
The fact that, we are living in a place that even animals can’t live in. We are living in tents, high temperature and humidity. Without air-conditioning, and we are lacking for the more simple things to cope with, like cold water and confortable bed.
And now we are on a hunger-strike for the 13th day. And no one is listening to our voice.