The Parliament of Australia.

We asylum seekers of Australia escaped from violence in our country have been transferred to Nauru. Nauru is a small Island having hot weather and humidity without odd of life.

Nauru camp have been started with a basic facilities it has the worst conditions ever been seen by any asylum seeker sit all the day under the shadow of few tress and in the back of toiles walls.

The detention centre is surrounded by the forest and only these small fences can’t stop the deadly snakes and danger insects. Due to the worst conditions mouses and other insects are walking here and there.

Tent is being used for kitchen if mouses run in our tents can’t it run in kitchen.

WE have deficiency of sports facility, medical facility and good atmosphere for health. The hundreds of these issues cause chest pains, skin problems, blood vomiting, kidney problems etc.

The medical staff can’t over through these diseases despite of these issues the major problem that we are suffering is the starting of our process that we need to be processed in Australia since the unknown time has been announced; people have been suffered from mental and physical health issues.

We have observed a couple of self-harmed incidents during a short time in here.
When we asked from immigration minister for the process instead of answering this he said that IOM is at your service to take you back to you country and adding the words regarding our cases having years of staying in Nauru it will be decided whom have to take to Australia and whom to be returned back to their home country. If from now you select IOM it will be better for you instead of wasting time here.

We observed that we 377 asylum seekers have been sacrificed for the political reason to show people not to utilize this way coming to Australia.

We victims of Nauru have protested peacefully many times and this time we have started hunger strike that today is our eighth day of hunger strike and we want the attention of the people of Australian and rest of the world that in which conditions we are.

Keeping the asylum seekers for long period of time. Is it not against UN law of Human Rights for asylum seeker?

It is very clear that protracted periods of incarceration in detention settings without any clarity as to due process, as to what is likely to happen, is seriously corrosive to psychosocial and physical health of people affected. Delay and detention is a recipe for serious difficulties.

One of the cornerstones of refugee protection is that people who claim asylum should have access to fair and efficient and expeditious assessment of their claims. There should be no further delays in the assessment of cases in Australia and Nauru, and we should be moving forward as quickly as possible….

One of the asylum seeker is on hunger strike from last 27 days, doctor told him that very soon he will lose his kidneys and his heart will stop working and If you lost your life it will meaning less for every one and also for the Government of Australia.

We need help from the Government and people of Australia, we are asylum seekers we are not criminals.
We’re a victim of politics.

Asylum seeker on Nauru.