We asylum seeker of Australia after too much difficulty and having risk of life arrived to Australia to seek asylum unfortunately, we were shifted to Nauru. It is almost two months; we are living here with very basic needs of life. Till now we are waiting for our asylum claims and we are listening different answers.Last time when the immigration minister visited here he said your process will be start after seven or eight months and it will take years in case of rejection you will be deported to your country. If you want to go back to your country IOM is present here to help you. In a meeting held on 3/11/2012 with the DIAC explained us that in the end of November we will start the project of permanent detention centre and your process will be start in six months and adding the words, I have no answer how long you will be here. For constructing a camp which includes infrastructure accommodation availability of electricity and rest of the facilities in a faraway Island which is located in the last point of the world’s map even the drinking water will have to be taken from Australia which is also faraway from Australia. How much time the project will take?The number of asylum seekers who had been arrived after 13th of august to Australia are almost six thousands and number are increasing constantly.The only 380 asylum seekers have been transferred to Nauru. How is it possible to transfer more than six thousand peoples in two small islands where the camp hasn’t been built? How long we have to stay till the camp is prepared. Is this possible?Are the sending of 380 asylum seekers is to teach the other to not come to Australia otherwise you will be treating in the same manner. Is the human rights allowed these innocents and helpless asylum seekers to be punished for the other. The moral of 45 days of protest and hunger strike of sixth day that we are in the need of help of the people.