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What are the needs of asylum seekers in Nauru detention centre?

When we ask about our case processing, we are listening the answer that they will build a proper detention centre and provide us food and medical.
The same facilities are also provided to animals.

Do we asylum seekers in Nauru just need these facilities? We don’t have families?
We don’t want freedom? We don’t have future?

We are not animals treat us like other asylum seekers being treated in rest of the world.
Answer of the authorities that you will be here for years to teach the other asylum seekers to not come to Australia. Is this humanity?

This is the time for the people of Australia and the rest of the world to stand up and make a voice for the rights of helpless asylum seekers in Nauru.

We asylum seekers in Nauru today got together and announce that after the peaceful protest of forty five day and hunger strike of four days.

We request to all liberal people of the world how they think about us”