“One of the asylum seeker in Nauru attempt suicide and he was near to die.
One of the asylum seeker climbed on electric poll and was trying to hang himself from the Poll. Other asylum seekers started crying and requesting him to come down please, he was not ready to come down saying that he is tired here in worst condition of Nauru Hell, he want to die.

He was on electric poll for 20 minutes, but we did not see any help from the Wilson security to rescue him. All the asylum seekers were crying to Wilson security to please help him but they were only looking the scene. While seeing the satiuation few of the asylum seekers started harming themselves and were crying again and again.

Finally asylum seeker on poll hanged himself with bedsheet when he came down side another asylum seeker pulled his leg up and the Wilson security guard tore the bedsheet.
During this incident one another asylum seeker have been punched by Nauruan Sterling security guard, the asylum seeker lost his three teeths.

We the asylum seekers in Nauru request to PM Julia Gilliard, MPs and Australian society to save our lives”