Note: The following does not reflect the views of any asylum seekers from Nauru. While a few individuals have direct access and post to the blog, the following reflects the views of one blogger only (me), and I will refer to myself as ‘Blogger 1’ for reasons of anonymity.

Hi guys. I hate to censor, it’s something I never wish to do, but in this case I won’t allow hate speeches to be posted on this page.

Perhaps I should have stated this from the start –

This is a page limited to a few purposes – It is a page whereby asylum seekers at Nauru detention centre may communicate to the outside world with letters and pictures to tell of their stories and the conditions within which they are living. This is also a page where fellow bloggers and readers may also communicate with the asylum seekers – messages of support, if you are so inclined.

This is also a page where news relevant to Nauru asylum seekers and asylum seekers in Australia generally will be posted.

This is not a page for people to air their angry and hateful beliefs regarding refugee presence in Australia, etc. We have all heard these negative views before – they in the mainstream media and on the streets.

People who wish to incite hatred – you do not have the voices of the voiceless; we hear your voices every day through many public avenues. This site, however, is not another of these avenues.

This site is for the true voices of the voiceless to be heard. This is a site to give voices to people where the media are largely banned.

I have received many messages to the effect that I am a “jerk”, etc, for running this site. Where ever your sentiments lie, it must be realised that this site and other sites like this one simply serve to fill a gap in public information.

I will also note that I am not some extremist agenda pusher or whatever else. I, ‘Blogger 1’, am not an asylum seeker. I am an Australian from birth, and a Christian. I simply liaise with asylum seekers in detention and post on this site so that they may be given a voice.

Their messages are not hateful to Australians or Australia, they are simply messages to tell of the conditions they are forced to live in, in the hope that improvements will be made.

In direct response to comments I have been receiving, it doesn’t matter if the conditions they fled were “worse than Nauru” – this point is irrelevant. There are standards of living that every human being on the planet has rights to, no matter where they are from, and this site has been made in dedication to international human rights.

And, finally, to directly address one of the strangest comments that have been shot at me – this site is not meant to insult Nauru. Of course, Nauru is a beautiful Island with, I’m sure, many lovely people. However, this site is quite obviously not about Nauru, it is about the immigration detention centre on Nauru. Very, very obviously.

Kind and sincere regards,

Blogger 1.