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“An asylum seeker on Nauru says there is a lot of stress among inmates at the Australian run detention camp on the island.

Nearly 400 asylum seekers are now being kept in close packed tents on the island until permanent accommodation is ready.

A Pakistani asylum seeker, who asked not to be named for fear of losing phone access, says there are up to 14 people in each tent.

He says humidity is making the tents smell and people are getting sick.

The man says there is also significant self harm happening.

“So far self harming of asylum seekers is a common thing here and the crying and shouting of guys is also a common thing here, especially in the night time when they are sleeping. So because of stress and depression, they are crying.”

The man says the inmates want to return to Australia and for Canberra to start hearing their claims for refugee status.

The Nauru Government said last week that Australia had provided excellent medical facilities for the inmates

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