Hazara Asylum Seekers

October 29, 2012

THE Immigration Department has halved internet access to asylum seekers on Nauru after a series of protests, with detainees claiming it is part of an effort to prevent them from contacting the media.

The decision to cut internet use from 30 minutes a day to 30 minutes every second day comes less than a week after The Age spoke via Skype to an asylum seeker on Nauru, the first such interview.

The department has said the reduction is not to limit access to the media, but rather to deal with an influx of detainees – whom the department refers to as ”clients”.

”Clients in detention facilities are free to contact the media whenever they like,” an Immigration spokesman said.


”Clients have 30 minutes of internet access every second day, due to more clients arriving on the island.”

The department also said the placement of a security…

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